The Silent War ~ Episode 6362.

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Jews Threaten 9/11 2.0, GAZA Hospital: Rotting Babes, The Revolt Has Begun.
In this episode of The Silent War:
🔹 BARBARIC: BABIES FOUND ROTTING IN HOSPITAL BEDS The Israeli army forced families & doctors to evacuate Alnaser Children’s Hospital & made them leave their babies behind. They were found decomposed in their ICU beds after suffering & dying alone!
🔹 Chile Burned To The Ground: “It’s Maui All Over Again!”
🔹 Migrants given universal basic income free money debit cards in NYC and Germany and the west…
🔹 Jews are gonna do another 9/11 – they are desperate to set West v Middle East/East. The Noticing is Intensifying.
🔹 SPAIN – The police set up road blocks to stop the farmers. So the farmers erm … just drove through the fields! .. because that’s what tractors do.
🔹 Polish Farmers Set To Join European Revolt With Mass Blockade.
🔹 If they control the food, we are screwed!
🔹 New bill up for vote: S.3589 It would outlaw: – Militias (a literal Constitutional right) – Boxing /martial arts classes – Speaking out of turn in any government assembly – Protesting governmental functions Share this bill with everyone you know.
🔹 First Illegal Migrants In NY Get Prepaid Credit Cards, Now They Get American Jobs.
🔹 NY Supreme Court Slams Anti-Trump DA for Enforcing Harsh Vaccine Card Punishment on Residents.
🔹 Leaked Internal Footage of Senior Officials at Federal Aviation Administration Reveals Plan to Reduce Number of White Males in Aviation.
🔹 Rand Paul finally figures out RINO’s and Mitch McConnell are traitors: “This Has Been a Ruse – He’s Working with Biden and Schumer to Funnel Your Money to Ukraine- He’s Using Minority of Big Government Republicans to Work with Democrats.”
🔹 Hawaii Ignores US Supreme Court, Strikes Down Right To Carry Firearms In Public.
🔹 “Not A Woke Company”: Trump Says Bud Light’s Owner Should Be Given Second Chance.
🔹 Tucker wears Kabbalah bracelet, again. 02/08, interviews Putin, fellow secret society type.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 21:18]
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