Interview with David Morgan ~ 5/21

Mike Adams interviews Randall Fitzgerald, acclaimed Author of The Tao of Intuitive Luck.
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– Silver prices surging to 11-year highs, with predictions for continued growth. (0:00)
– Investing in silver, with a focus on dollar-cost averaging and considering production costs. (2:33)
– Silver’s value and how it’s affected by money supply. (7:03)
– Inflation, gold, and economic instability. (12:17)
– Silver market dynamics, including gold accumulation and smelting industry operations. (18:00)
– The potential for a new global currency, the BRICS currency, and its potential impact on the US dollar. (23:38)
– Potential use of BRICS currencies for international settlements, with focus on US involvement and potential legal challenges. (28:20)
– The potential end of fiat currency and rise of decentralized currencies. (32:57)
– US dollar sanctions and their potential impact on global markets. (40:34)
– Using gold and silver as currency in the US, with a focus on state-level solutions. (44:26)
– Digitalizing money with and the Morgan report. (48:38)
– Using purchasing power to change the world. (55:31)
The May 21st ~ Podcast [Duration 1:01:56]
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