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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
TRUMP CONVICTED in sham trial; Vindictive Dems just made him the MOST POPULAR candidate in history.
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– Trump’s rigged trial, with reactions from Trump and Attorney General Paxton of Texas. (0:03)
– US allowing Ukraine to use US missiles to strike deep within Russia. (18:56)
– Biden pushing the world toward US-Russia nuclear war. (23:19)
– Liberal Boston mayor to decriminalize shoplifting, larceny, breaking & entering and long list of other crimes. (29:00)
– #Vaccine safety and freedom in #Japan, with international appeal. (41:05)
– US history of nuclear warfare and potential for future violence. (45:41)
– Impending collapse of America. (50:15)
– Bird flu pandemic, PCR testing fraud, and censorship. (57:39)
– The dangers of centralized power, surveillance, and the potential for nuclear war. (1:06:08)
– Russia’s military capabilities and potential false flag nuclear attack in US. (1:11:17)
– The decline of the US Empire and the potential for a new era of freedom. (1:15:56)
– Lawsuit against globalist elites for censorship and control. (1:19:29)
– US govt funding censorship through foreign NGOs. (1:23:52)
– Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and its implications for social media platforms. (1:43:26)
– Population control, neurological damage, and monetary systems. (2:06:17)
Friday May 31st ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:15:48]
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