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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
END Israel’s illegal occupation and restore FREEDOM to the Palestinian people.
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– Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee says the moon is made of “gasses” and that might make it difficult to live there
– Flashback to Rep. Hank Johnson who thought too many people on Guam would make the island tip over and sink
– We are ruled by affirmative action morons who couldn’t pass a high school science exam
– US drones turn out to be total crap in #Ukraine, and China-made drones are the ones that actually work
– Video of young Israeli children physically assaulting two female Christian missionaries
– Indoctrination of HATE begins very early in #Zionism
– #IDF is weak and has been defeated by #Hamas
– Imminent missile strike from #Iran is expected, and Israel can only blame themselves
– #Israel proves it cannot coexist with other nations and ethnicities
– Original UN charter for Israel was fraudulent – the UN can’t give away land owned by somebody else
– Israeli colonization should end, and the land restored to #Palestine
– Full interview with Cory Endrulat
Thursday Apr. 11th ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:34:23]
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Brighteon Broadcast News
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