Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr. 10th

100% Real News
The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
Explosive video reveals coordinated deep state attack on Alex Jones as the smug, treacherous government DESTROYS innocent lives.
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– #CIA and #FBI entrapment of Alex Jones. (0:03)
– FBI agents in crowd during January 6 Capital riot. (5:14)
– Alex Jones’ plans to sue the CIA and FBI. (10:48)
– #Censorship, #Twitter and lawsuits against big tech companies. (18:22)
– FDA inspections and regulatory compliance. (24:59)
– Censorship and free speech with Elon Musk and Brazil. (29:25)
– #Ukraine funding terrorism and Biden family corruption. (45:15)
– Corruption in science and medicine with Dr. Judy
Mikovitz. (58:07)
– Government corruption and weaponization of agencies against the public. (1:05:50)
– Suppressed #cancer and #AIDS cures, government involvement. (1:11:24)
– Corruption in the #biotech industry and the suppression of alternative cancer treatments. (1:15:59)
– Vaccine development and immune system manipulation. (1:26:55)
– Avoiding toxic food and pharmaceuticals, emphasizing the importance of clean and real food. (1:31:30)
Wednesday Apr. 10th ~ Broadcast [Duration 1:45:48]
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Brighteon Broadcast News
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