Replace BILLIONS of humans with DIGITAL AVATARS.

Microsoft invents mind-blowing deepfake technology that is indistinguishable from reality … to replace BILLIONS of humans with DIGITAL AVATARS…
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– AI-generated deep fake videos with emotional augmentation. (0:02)
– AI-generated realistic faces and their potential impact on society. (3:08)
– Deep fake technology and its potential use in politics. (8:23)
– Using AI to create fake videos and voices. (12:17)
– AI technology and its potential impact on society. (17:37)
– AI advancements and Microsoft’s lead in engineering. (24:19)
– Preparedness items, including gold-backed currency, storable food, satellite phones, and firearms. (29:56)
– Preparedness solutions for survival and collapse. (35:21)
“Mike Adams explains ~ Broadcast” [Duration 42:49]
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