#36] Escape a FEMA concentration camp.

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What would you do to escape a FEMA concentration camp?
From all rivers to all seas, ALL human beings deserve to be free.
Elon Musk, an anti-free speech technocrat, has banned the phrase, “from the river to the sea” on X / Twitter. It’s worth noting that the phrase merely means freedom for the Palestinian people. It is not a call for violence. It is, in fact, a call for human dignity for the Palestinian people who have been treated as prisoners since 1948, when Israelis showed up, stole their land, seized their homes, shot their fathers and displaced the women and children. See the full explanation here.
Yet Israel commits routine violence against the Palestinian people on a daily basis, and Elon Musk doesn’t ban calls for Israeli-led genocide against the Palestinians, notably. You can scream, “No cease fire!” all day long on Twitter and never be banned, even as women, children and elderly are being bombed to death in Israel’s insane, genocidal campaign of bombing hospitals, refugee camps and residential buildings.I believe in freedom, liberty and abundance for all people, including Palestinians, Israelis, Africans, Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and all the rest, too. I believe in universal liberty and peace, not just “selective” freedom for those in power. As such, I believe all people should be free, from all rivers to all seas, and all the land in between.Under the leadership of sociopathic Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel only believes in liberty and freedom for itself, but not for the people whose land Israel stole and now occupies as a colonizing, cruel regime. The atrocities currently being carried out against the Palestinian people in Gaza demonstrate a level of extreme cruelty that can only be accurately characterized as “crimes against humanity.” Any individual who endorses these crimes is indicting themselves as an enemy of human freedom and an agent of pure evil.From all rivers to all seas, I believe that all human beings deserve to be free (and to live in peace).Here are a few of my recent social media posts that demand freedom for all people. Follow me on Brighteon.Social at @HealthRanger or Telegram at @RealHealthRanger:If you believe Israel’s propaganda, you’ve lost your mind.And if you support Israel’s #genocide, you’ve lost your soul.If you support #Israel in 2023, you also would have supported the Third Reich in 1939. They both make the same arguments, using almost identical propaganda, lies and censorship, to exterminate an ethnic group they decry as sub-human animals. “Never again,” it turns out, just meant, “until we have the power to commit #genocide ourselves.” SHAME on all who remain silent as another ethnic cleansing atrocity unfolds in real time, right before our eyes. And for those deceived Christian Zionists who think #GOD told you to slaughter in His name, rest assured that #Christ does not recognize you at all.To all conservative and pro-liberty influencers: Don’t you dare talk about FREEDOM ever again if you won’t support freedom for the Palestinian people. If you don’t support freedom for others, you don’t deserve it for yourself. And for those who have long claimed to be supporters of “free speech” but who now demand censorship of all criticism of #Israel, you are a FRAUD. You never believed in free speech in the first place.
#Israel is carrying out GENETIC WARS against the Palestinian people. This European Parliament document from 2015 confirms that, “Israel has repeatedly used depleted uranium weaponry” including in the Gaza Strip massacre of August, 2014. These DU weapons cause DEFORMITIES in newborns, and have been used by US-led forces in Fallujah, among other places. The European Parliament describes this as a “crime against humanity.” https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/E-8-2015-003481_EN.html
What everybody is forgetting is that when the US #dollar collapses, #Israel will have no more functioning U.S. Navy (and “foreign aid” billions) to help it bully the Middle East. Without a US Navy, Israel will likely be overrun by its Arab neighbors. And guess what will accelerate the collapse of the US dollar? An oil / energy embargo from the Middle East. Expect it soon, if things don’t change course quickly. Israel’s fate is tied to the dollar, and the dollar is going to zero sooner or later (as all over-printed fiat currencies do).
Am I the only one noticing how most independent *conservative* media in the USA now sounds exactly like Israel’s propaganda ministry?
An estimated 260 out of the 1,200 Israeli civilians killed on Oct. 7th were killed by ISRAELI Defense Forces (IDF). This is known as the “Hannibal doctrine” where the #IDF is ordered to kill all Israelis that appear to be in the process of being taken hostage. This is why Israeli helicopter gunships blew away entire cars being driven by Israeli citizens trying to flee the music festival. Story here:
Rescue agency reveals that Israel’s aerial attack killed over 260 Israeli CIVILIANS during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood; drone footage corroborates report
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