The Silent War ~ Episode 6368.

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Silent War Episode # 6368: Military Recall, Trump: Hurry, Finish GAZA, PPL NOTICIN, Gun Grabbers, CENSORSHIP.
In this episode of The Silent War:
🔷 Ship collides with Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing it to collapse.
🔷 Tennessee Senate has introduced a bill to ban chemtrails.
🔷 Red Flag Center hidden within the Omnibus spending – Gun Grabbers are Coming!
🔷 Australia’s Senate Passes National Digital ID, in preparation for the control system rollout began with The Vax.
🔷 They are losing support worldwide, and especially among the left. Less so among the Judeo-Conned “Christians” who befriended the Christ Killers.
🔷 Left disapproval of israeli military action by a 75-18.
🔷 Trump Says Israel Has To ‘Finish The War’ As It’s ‘Losing A Lot Of Support’
🔷 15+ States outlawing Free Speech offending Jews, Jail Time for Opinions/content!
🔷 World War III Alert: US Army Publishes ALARACT for “Utilization of the Army Retiree Recall Program.”
🔷 Andy Harris “Republican” treats conservative woman like terrorist for asking about Israel’s war crimes against children.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 17:55]
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