GMO “purple” tomatoes already popping up.

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GMO “purple” tomatoes already popping up in the food chain…
Story By Ethan Huff
A new genetically engineered (GMO) “Purple Tomato” is hitting the market, and not just in large-scale chemical agriculture.According to reports, the Purple Tomato, an abomination created by scientists at Norfolk Plant Sciences in the United Kingdom, is currently making its way into both industrial and backyard agriculture. Its creators say it is really healthy, but is that true?
Led by biochemist Cathie Martin, a team of Franken-scientists inserted genes from the snapdragon flower into tomato plants, turning them purple in color and filling them with anthocyanins that would otherwise not normally be part of a tomato’s composition.
The claim is that these artificially enriched Purple Tomatoes are extra healthy because they are loaded with antioxidants that were synthetically engineered, but not everyone is convinced that the hype matches reality.
Even so, Norfolk Healthy Produce, the United States branch of Norfolk Plant Sciences, has sent out more than 13,000 seed orders for the GMO, which is now quietly hiding in people’s gardens all across the country.
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As usual, FDA and USDA give two thumbs up to GMO tomatoes.
As with pretty much all GMOs currently on the market, there were scant scientific studies to back the Purple Tomato before it was unleashed by the U.S. government into the food supply.
Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) gave the green light to the transgenic product despite a near-complete lack of science to support its safety.
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There was an animal study from way, way back in 2008 that claims the Purple Tomato helped the mice who were force-fed it to live longer than other mice on a non-GMO diet, but these findings are questionable.
Not once have scientists from Norfolk investigated to see if there are any unintended side effects caused by mutating a tomato’s natural DNA with snapdragon DNA. This means that there was also no research conducted to verify how these changes might affect people who eat the mutated DNA.
In the comments over at Great Game India, someone pointed out that the general population is so distracted and unhealthy as it is that there is barely any more fight taking place against the GMO onslaught.
“With all sincerity, I really don’t think people could care less about their health judging by just how eager so many were to take the untested mRNA shot,” this person wrote.
Another warned that a popular heirloom and organic seed company in the U.S. inadvertently started selling the Purple Tomato without realizing that it is GMO. After they learned the truth, the company immediately pulled the variety from its spring catalog.
“I wonder if their selling of this variety in the first place was intentional as anyone worth half their salt should have immediately recognized the signs that this variety is questionable in that the inside of the fruit is purple and that coloring can only be achieved with genetic modification,” this person added.
While pretty in color and appearance, the Purple Tomato is a deception that must be avoided. Chances are it will end up in pre-packaged and restaurant food without people realizing it, but a simple rule of thumb to avoid it is to skip eating any tomato that has a purple color inside and out.
The following restaurants, farms and chefs are listed on the Norfolk Healthy Produce website as “partners” that currently serve GMO Purple Tomatoes:
Branch Line – Watertown, Mass.
Seasons Kitchen & Bar – Davis, Calif.
Plum Southern Kitchen – Durham, N.C.
Death & Taxes – Raleigh, N.C.
Native Fine Diner – Greenville, N.C.
Julep Contemporary Kitchen – North Carolina
Taylor Garden – Williamston, N.C.
Red Sun Farms – Dublin, Va.
Leroy James Market – Greenville, N.C.
Dowdy Park Market – Nags Head, N.C.
Leavenworth Market – Kansas
Overland Park Market – Kansas
Chef Eric Minnich – San Francisco, Calif.
Green Thumbs Up – Leavenworth, Kan.
Freight Farms – Boston, Mass.
East End Bistrot – Raleigh, N.C.
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