Migrant tent city in NYC that’s hidden.

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There’s a massive migrant tent city in NYC that’s hidden from the public.
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Hiding inside a former operational airfield in southern Brooklyn is a massive migrant tent city that exists out of sight, and thus out of mind of the millions of New Yorkers who have no idea that the camp is operating right there in their backyard.
The former airfield is dotted with large white tents filled with migrants from Africa, China, Russia and both Central and South America. These people are living “like livestock,” one report explains, on one of the Floyd Bennett Field’s runways.
Though the exact number of migrants living at the tent city is unknown; estimates peg the number at around 2,000 people.
Since the invasion began, about 175,000 illegal migrants have flooded New York City. A dark web of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is exploiting many of them as cheap labor for large corporations, we are told.
Most of the post-“pandemic” job growth, in fact, is migrants being hired for slave wages to work for large multinational corporations. This is what the Biden regime really means when it says it is “creating jobs” and “boosting the economy.”
The Great Replacement in action.
The corporate media has not said a word about the migrant tent city in Brooklyn, probably because it knows many New Yorkers would be quite upset to know it exists. If not for citizen journalists, nobody would know the tent city is there.
Drone footage – watch below – captured by citizen journalists and reposted by the Wall Street Apes X account shows the sheer side of the long, white tents on the old runways.
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