Interview with Zach Vorhies ~ 6/10

Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies reveals stunning details of Texas subpoenas being issued against tech giants over CENSORSHIP.
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– Google’s censorship of conservative media outlets. (0:03)
– Google’s algorithm secrecy and exploits for censorship. (4:10)
– Texas lawsuit against Google for censorship and manipulation of search results. (10:43)
– YouTube censorship and alternative platforms for free speech. (16:29)
– Using subpoenas to gather evidence of election meddling by Google executives. (20:00)
– Google’s censorship and bias, whistleblower’s revelations. (25:44)
– Gold-backed currency, storable food, and satellite phones for preparedness. (30:26)
– Preparedness solutions for survival and self-defense. (34:02)
The June 10th ~ Podcast [Duration 42:14]
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