Interview with Clay Clark ~ 5/14

Clay Clark and Mike Adams share a brutally honest conversation about Trump… the GOOD, the BAD and what’s coming next.
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– Trump’s policies, FBI expansion, and fake faith leaders. (0:01)
– Trump’s presidency, concerns about advisors, and voting decision. (7:42)
– Gold standard, government spending, and financial crisis. (11:30)
– Implementing sound currency, corruption in Washington, and President Trump’s potential to make changes. (15:38)
– Political issues, potential for civil unrest. (19:58)
– Firing government officials, banning technology, and restoring America’s safety and economy. (24:56)
– Selecting Trump administration officials with business acumen and loyalty. (28:37)
– Trump, conservative events, and solutions for America’s problems. (32:18)
– Preparedness items, including gold backed currency, storable food, radiation protection, satellite phones, and firearms. (36:44)
– Preparedness solutions for survival and collapse of the dollar. (41:32)
The May 14th ~ Podcast [Duration 49:00]
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