Peter McLaughlin ~ Decentralize TV 4/01

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Hypnosis expert Peter McLaughlin teaches you how to protect your own mind from PSYOPS and nefarious INFLUENCE campaigns.
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– Influence and persuasion in various aspects of life. (0:22)
– Mind-body connection and its impact on health. (2:00)
– Delusions and false beliefs among intelligent people. (4:21)
– Psychological manipulation techniques in media. (9:03)
– Psychological factors influencing beliefs and conformity. (12:43)
– Hypnosis for self improvement and overcoming fears. (18:08)
– Hypnosis, NLP, and media manipulation. (22:59)
– Hypnosis, media manipulation, and critical thinking. (27:52)
– Skepticism and critical thinking. (32:33)
– Human brain efficiency, cognitive biases, and persuasion techniques. (34:12)
– Manipulating people through persuasion techniques. (38:02)
– Fear-inducing media and finding solutions. (42:12)
– Sports, hypnosis, and manipulation of attention. (45:18)
– Hypnosis, NLP, and anchoring for personal growth and performance. (52:45)
– Trauma, mind control, and personal growth. (1:00:02)
– Addiction, trauma, and personal growth. (1:08:32)
The April 1st ~ Podcast [Duration 1:17:41]
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