Brighteon Broadcast News, June 10th

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
Rockefeller Medicine: 100+ years of exterminating humans in the name of “science”.
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– #Vaccine mandates and the Jacobson 1905 Supreme Court case. (0:00)
– Class action lawsuits against government, hospitals, and others over COVID-19 vaccine mandates. (6:42)
– Holding officials accountable for COVID vaccine push, with criminal charges and civil lawsuits. (11:32)
– Vaccine fraud and Big Pharma’s reckoning. (16:54)
– Toxic chemicals in food, water, and medicine. (21:20)
– #Depopulation through poisoning, media manipulation, and gender confusion. (29:37)
– Self-replicating vaccines, #bioweapons, and their potential impact on human population. (34:09)
– Using venom peptides in popular weight loss drugs. (39:47)
– Weight loss drugs side effects resemble those of venomous snake bites. (44:47)
– Potential dangers of Western medicine and AI, risk of mass extermination. (1:02:06)
– AI replacing human decision-makers in various fields. (1:06:53)
– Humanity’s self-destructive tendencies and potential global catastrophes. (1:23:33)
– Impending doom due to AI, vaccines, and war, with a focus on spiritual survival. (1:28:37)
Monday June 10th ~ Broadcast [Duration 1:36:32]
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