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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
The FALL of the WEST and why the world’s economic future belongs to China, Russia, India and Iran.
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– Financial oligarchy’s impact on Western nations’ futures. (0:03)
– Decline of Western nations, led by US, due to obsolete economic and political systems. (10:00)
– Student protests in Austin, Texas. (15:43)
– Netanyahu’s claimed legal immunity and its implications for international law. (21:21)
– Energy consumption and GDP correlation in Western nations. (31:00)
– US military obsolescence and the rise of #BRICS nations. (41:35)
– The impending collapse of the US #dollar and its potential consequences. (47:45)
– US economic collapse, energy crisis, and geopolitical tensions. (53:24)
– Anti-Semitism and Zionism. (1:05:52)
– #Censorship and #genocide from #Israel. (1:17:11)
– Energy resources, sovereignty, and economic impact. (1:33:21)
– Economic power shift from West to East, with #China overtaking US. (1:45:10)
– Military power and economic decline of the US and its impact on the Middle East. (1:53:19)
– US empire decline, military power, and Iran’s attack on US bases. (2:05:22)
Friday May 3rd ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:33:59]
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