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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
Joe Biden plunges America into a TRADE WAR with China and a NUCLEAR WAR with Russia.
Watch the full episode to learn more: (by Secment)
– NASA fakery with expert Bart Sibrel. (0:03)
– Body rolling and poi twirling for fitness and mobility. (4:16)
– US-Ukraine relations, military aid, and casualties. (9:49)
– Potential nuclear war between #Russia and #NATO. (14:20)
– Biden tries to start a trade war with #China. (18:54)
– Trump and Biden’s policies, and a longing for Ron Paul. (36:03)
– Moon landing #NASA fakery from the 1960s. (46:30)
– In-studio humor with Commander Rhodie, the K-9 astronaut. (1:05:58)
– Challenges of sending humans to the moon due to radiation exposure. (1:08:06)
– Faking the moon landing, government agents chasing Bart, and escaping custody. (1:19:20)
– Deathbed confession with NASA insider. (1:24:08)
– UFOs, aliens, and #depopulation. (1:34:50)
– NASA director’s lack of basic astronomy knowledge. (1:44:28)
Tuesday Apr. 30th ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:05:23]
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