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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
America descends into an authoritarian THEOCRACY as Governors unleashes TROOPS on students.
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– Student protests, #censorship, and freedom of speech. (0:00)
– Israel’s actions in #Gaza and loss of support for both #Israel and #GOP due to indiscriminate bombing of civilians. (8:42)
– Governor Abbott’s criminalization of “Free Palestine” chant and its implications for free speech and political hypocrisy. (23:36)
– Upcoming protests in #Japan, including one in Tokyo. (40:26)
– Taiwan’s international recognition, China’s influence. (48:02)
– US provocations leading to wars, with historical parallels. (57:22)
– Cognitive dissonance and principles in politics. (1:07:58)
– Thinking hygiene and sources of reliable information. (1:11:43)
– German and British cultural mythologies and their impact on national actions. (1:31:34)
– Nord Stream gas pipeline and the collapse of European energy infrastructure. (1:35:52)
– Taiwan culture, gun control, and personal safety. (1:47:04)
– #Texas Governor Abbott’s handling of student protests, with criticism of excessive force and violation of constitutional rights. (2:07:23)
Friday Apr. 26th ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:22:23 ]
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Brighteon Broadcast News
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