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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
America’s republican leadership is a SUICIDE CULT.
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– US Congress’s funding for #Israel and its impact on free speech. (0:03)
– US politics, immigration, and surveillance. (5:23)
– Free speech vs hate speech in relation to #Palestine and Israel. (9:46)
– US involvement in wars and #Ukraine aid. (21:36)
– Western nations looting Russian assets. (32:08)
– Financial collapse, #gold, silver, and food investment. (37:12)
– Israeli drones using sounds of crying children to lure Palestinians, resulting in death. (42:12)
– State identity and governance in #Utah. (59:36)
– Utah’s economic growth, focusing on tech industry and urbanization. (1:03:05)
– Energy, climate change, and the importance of affordable energy for economic growth. (1:05:53)
– Thorium-based nuclear power as a safer, more sustainable energy source. (1:11:22)
– Second Amendment rights, Utah politics, and government corruption. (1:14:57)
– Sanctuary states, immigration, and rule of law. (1:21:03)
– State rights, currency collapse, and Utah’s potential preparedness. (1:24:00)
– Utah’s budget surplus and nutritional supplements industry. (1:32:16)
– Utah governor candidate Phil Lyman’s views on energy independence and the importance of strong state leadership. (1:42:13)
Thursday Apr. 18th ~ Broadcast [Duration 1:58:07]
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