Brighteon Broadcast News, Feb. 14th

100% Real News
The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
Mayorkas Impeached TOO LATE as America veers toward Anarchy.
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– Impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas and treason in the US government. (0:03)
– US imperialism, sanctions, and asset theft. (4:15)
– Seizing Russian assets and potential economic consequences. (9:58)
– The potential collapse of the US Empire due to internal corruption and external threats. (14:34)
– US economic collapse and apathy. (19:30)
– 🅰🅸 model training with David Morgan’s content. (35:12)
– Surveillance, 🅰🅸, and technocracy in modern society. (44:24)
– Decentralized 🅰🅸 and open-source technology. (55:15)
– 🅰🅸 agents, privacy, and control in the digital age. (1:02:06)
– Technology’s impact on society and individuality. (1:16:47)
– 🅰🅸, automation, and their impact on society. (1:20:37)
– AR’s impact on identity and socialization. (1:31:03)
– 🅰🅸, transhumanism, and the impact of technology on society. (1:34:23)
– Economic and personal freedom. (1:44:54)
– Decentralized systems and internet freedom. (1:47:33)
– Tech billionaires’ pursuit of immortality through 🅰🅸 and biotech. (1:57:04)
– Balancing technology and human freedom. (2:00:26)
Wednesday Feb. 14th ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:10:25]
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