#2 – Start an Online Business for Free.


Jobs Where You Can Work From Home
How to Start an Online Business for Free.
I am going to tell you how to start an online business for free, then how to grow and run it for less than $50 per month. I’ve done this for 4 years and it was the best decision I ever made back in August 2013. With all of the make money from home online scams out there, I truly have found the opportunity that really works.A Needle in a Haystack
How to Start an Online Business for Free
Have you ever searched online for a way to start your own online business from home, but everything would cost you money to begin? Now logically it is impossible to build any business without some form of investment. However this is where the scam programs will take advantage of you and the opportunity I am offering will not.The one characteristic that practically every work from home scam has, is that they make you think that starting and running a profitable online business is easy, fast, yet fairly costly with additional upsells in training courses. I am here to say that they are wrong. The only thing that is partially true is the easy part, but this only happens after some training.The opportunity I am offering here is 100% FREE to start, learn, build and host one or two fully functional WordPress websites without programming them. In addition you will get 10 lessons on how to make money with these websites and how to rank highly in Google. This legitimate opportunity is truly a needle in a haystack full of online scams.
Work When and Where you Want
Think of how it would feel to not have to be part of the rat race anymore. No more waking up early to catch the bus or train to work. No more sitting in rush hour traffic going to and from work anymore. When you have the ability to work full-time at home on your own schedule, do you know what that gives you? Freedom!When you are in total control of how, when and where you can make money, it gives you freedom to spend more time with family and friends. When you have the ability to work from home, you no longer have to spend money commuting to and from work in the form of gasoline, tolls, bus, and train fares. And if you are like me, you will save money on eating lunch because you can make your own.How to Start an Online Business for FreeMy favorite part of working my own business from home other than the saving of money commuting to and from a job where I make someone else rich, is waking up when I want and even being able to work while still in bed. I have Wi-Fi in my home so I can use my laptop and tablet wherever I want. In this type of online business, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.
Where is This Opportunity and the Cost?
Starting your online business is totally free, you only have to provide a valid email address to begin, so don’t even think you will need a credit card. Then once you create your free membership you can go through the easy text and video training at your own speed. When you decide it is time to upgrade to the most you will ever spend it will cost you $19 for the first month and $49 every month afterwards.The name of this opportunity program is Wealthy Affiliate (WA). They truly are in a class by themselves. No other work from home opportunity will give you so much resources, help and training for free. At WA you can operate your full time online business for $49 per month and this price includes EVERYTHING you will need, except $1.18 for a domain name and your determination.
Make Money Online Without Selling Your Own Products
With many of the online scams, they want you to think that you need products to make money, but this is untrue. Yes you can make money online without selling your own products. Matter of fact, you don’t have to buy any products either! All you have to do is provide information on any kind of product you have a passion or an interest in. It could be anything like making money playing video games or how to lose weight while juicing. Or for example, in the 5-steps below, let us say you like iPhones.

  • You do some research and write a review on your website about an iPhone 6.
  • At the end of the review you place an ad for an iPhone 6 being sold on Amazon.
  • Now someone searches on Google for information on an iPhone 6, they click on your review.
  • At the end of your review they click on your ad and purchase the iPhone 6 from Amazon.
  • After Amazon ships the iPhone they pay you a commission on the total sale.

And that is the simple process to make money in Affiliate Marketing with practically every company that sells products online. Now you may be saying to yourself, I have never heard of this kind of marketing before, let alone major companies practicing it. Well it is true and every picture below is a screenshot of a major retail company’s affiliate marketing link.

Affiliate Marketing Programs of Famous Retailers

How to Start an Online Business for Free

Thousands of Online Retailers like Apple iTunes have Affiliate Programs.

One of the features that people are attracted to when it comes to affiliate marketing is that you do not have to purchase or sell any products to make money. As long as you have a website or blog, you can do affiliate marketing and have it work for you while you sleep. Once you have a website set up with a bunch of content on what you are promoting, it can become passive income for years to come.

How to Start an Online Business for Free

Write about and promote products sold by major companies and get paid

There are tens of thousands of companies that sell online and the majority of them have affiliate programs where they will pay you a commission for sending them customers from the promotions you do on your website. As seen in the above and below pictures, these are just a few of the companies both large and small that partake in affiliate marketing.

How to Start an Online Business for Free

Approximately 80% of all companies that sell online will pay you for sending them customers.

Unlike other forms of internet marketing businesses, affiliate marketing basically will run itself 24/7 and 365 days per year, all without you having to buy or sell any products. As I described above in the 5-steps on how you could make money promoting an iPhone 6, once that promotion is live on the internet there is nothing more you need to do to make money on it. It will sell itself!

How to Start an Online Business for Free

Even the largest sports manufacturer in the world will pay you in their affiliate program

Passive Income for the Long Haul

The definition of Passive Income is “an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is closely related to the concept of unearned income”. This is the kind of income anyone can make with a successful affiliate marketing website. Wouldn’t you like to make money on auto-pilot from just promoting and writing about things you like?

Because affiliate marketing websites in various niche markets are extremely easy to set up with the help of the Wealthy Affiliate training and website building resources, many affiliate marketers have more than one affiliate marketing website making them money. Like I said above, once your website is set up, has the written content of what you are promoting, and has ads, it will sell itself 24/7/365.

This gives you the freedom of available time to create other passive income opportunities through other types of niche markets. Those who engage in affiliate marketing online never really have to deal with any products or customers. Just promote products and services you like on your website and the rest, including you getting paid, happens automatically.

How to Start an Online Business for Free

Despite what all of these other work from home online opportunities claim, remember that you can start your training and the foundation building of your online business with major online retailers for ZERO dollars only at Wealthy Affiliate. Then when it comes time to upgrade the most you will ever have to spend will be $49.00 per month.

The majority of online scams will charge you an upsell of about $99 plus, and then will make you think that if you invest hundreds of dollars more for advanced training, that you will be able to make more money. That is TOTAL BS! This is how the majority of the scams rip you off. They want you to believe that you need to spend more to make more.

At Wealthy Affiliate that will NEVER happen because frankly, there is no proof that spending hundreds of dollars will make you more money in the long run. For 10 solid years WA has never changed their prices and has continued to create very successful online entrepreneurs in the $1,000,000,000.00 per year online affiliate marketing industry.

How to Start an Online Business for Free

Affiliate Marketing online is mainly operated by work from home individuals.

You Have Nothing to Lose and Much to Gain

The only way you will ever become a successful work from home online entrepreneur is to have the determination to become successful. Starting an online business of your own will take plenty of time and hard work. Achieving success is cumulative in nature, meaning that what you succeed in doing now will pay off in the future.

Too many people are under the impression that online success is quick and lucrative, when in actuality it is slow and lucrative. The one thing to notice is that it IS lucrative but only after you put in several months of effort. Every single successful online entrepreneur, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg and others all became extremely wealthy after many years of hard work.

By joining Wealthy Affiliate you will not only have everything you could possibly need for success, except your determination, but you will also have the ability to start your own online business and the training to succeed for FREE! By spending zero dollars you have nothing to lose and much to gain in the start of a rewarding online business. Come join me at Wealthy Affiliate and let me help you succeed today! Just click on the Wealthy Affiliate University banner above right and follow the onscreen instructions.

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