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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
MASS MENTAL ILLNESS exploding across Western civilization: Transgenderism, climate cultism, Zionism and more.
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– Building infrastructure for human freedom, featuring speakers on permaculture and financial freedom. (0:03)
– Recent bridge collisions with barges, possible causes and safety concerns. (2:15)
– Gender identity, mental illness, and compliance. (8:05)
– Free speech and censorship in Germany. (15:01)
– Government control and censorship in the US and UK. (21:36)
– Mental illness, fetishes, and paraphilias. (29:48)
– Government intervention in economy, electric vehicle industry, and bailouts. (48:06)
– Biden admin’s support for Israel’s Gaza war, resignation of Jewish American staffer. (53:55)
– Ukraine’s military situation, corruption, and Russian gains. (1:02:22)
– Electromagnetic fields and their impact on human health. (1:28:34)
– The impact of technology on brain development and social interactions. (1:36:25)
– Using light, sound, and magnetism to manipulate the brain and body. (1:39:21)
– 5G technology’s effects on human health, including methylation and copper metabolism. (1:45:18)
– Ancient Hebrew language and its connection to the human body. (2:00:08)
– DNA, energetic system, and software delivery system. (2:09:05)
– Healing potential of hands and ancient techniques for self-healing. (2:12:56)
Thursday May 16th ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:24:37]
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