Job #04: Start a Blog and Monetize it.

Top 20 On-Line Business Ideas
Start a Blog and Monetize it.
We talk a lot about how to start a blog on this website, and for good reason.

In 2021, it’s easier to start a blog than ever before, and your blog can also be a big potential source of income (if you know how to monetize it).

Keep in mind that you don’t just start a blog and expect the money to roll in. You need to create content consistently, and it also needs to be content that educates, informs, or entertains people. In other words, it needs to capture their interest in some way.

What’s more, you need to sell something through the blog. This can be ad space, products, digital products, sponsored posts, coaching, ebooks, etc.

But if you’re willing to put in the work and you’re in it for the long haul, blogging can be extremely profitable (some bloggers make $50k per month or more).

Here are some resources to help you get started with your first blog:

5 Clever Ways to Monetize Your Blog.

monetize your blog

It seems like having a website and a blog is something common with everyone. Each person is always asking about your online presence. This means what content do you have online that makes you relevant. The online presence idea has prompted most people to choose to have blogs most of the time. If you are going to invest time and money in a blog, you should be earning from it too. Here are ways to monetize your blog in 2016.

Create a membership website

membership website

Creating a membership website is a great way to start earning money from your blog. This means that some of the content should be rated premium and only those with membership rights can view the information. You should also create high quality and relevant content if you want people to pay for it.

  1. Write product reviews

Product reviews are quite important to help other people to make a decision about which product to buy. You would want to research more about the niche before going all in. You will have to review product that people are likely to buy easily. Make sure you understand the audience before writing the reviews. Choose an affiliate program that will provide the best products to promote.

  1. Offer services

blog writing

Before going to offer services to others, first monetize your blog. If you are really good at blogging, you can make an impressive income if you take the time to write good posts. You can now start to offer blogging services to other people who might need your services. It is important that you always stay professional at all times and provide high quality services. You might end up having clients that need regular posts from you, thus you end up with more money.

  1. Sell ad space

The most common way of earning from a blog is by selling the ad space. This means that you allow ads to be placed on your blog and get paid for it. Opt for the top brands in the industry of ad sellers if you want to make more money.

  1. Build and sell the website

sell the website

You will be surprised by just how people are ready to buy your website at an amazing rate. You will simply need to create an impressive website and blog before flipping it for money. If you monetize your blog properly and grow the blog more to get many readers coming back each other day in order to increase the value of the blog. You will fetch more for a website with more viewership.

How to monetize a blog? Best ways to start earning money from your blog.

Do you know that you can write for a living? I know it sounds crazy, but don’t doubt it. I’m not going to say that it’s easy because it depends on YOU. But if you’re ready to invest enough hours, creativity, and gift of optimism, you’re on a roll. All you need is, learn how to design an attractive blog, write killer content, promote and monetize blogs. Without these four skills or knowledge, you may not be making a living through blogging.

But you know what!

We are here to help you.

As far as you’re ready to act and implement what we’ve shared in this article, your passion for influencing others will positively pay off.

Yeah! Blogging aims at proffering solutions to people’s needs and problems.

If you spend your time investing in others, you have the right to make money doing it.

The best part!

This article is loaded with practical ways to monetize your blog.

So, if you want to make money online, read on, and learn how to monetize your blog no matter the niche.

Let’s ride!

Start a blog and monetize it:

One option to make money online is to start a blog and monetize it.

But starting a blog from scratch is not easy as you must have known if you already have one.

This is not to discourage the newbies, please.

If you want to start a side hustle, blogging is a great option.


The challenge is that you must invest your time and some cash to kick it off.

However, if you want to start small, you can do it without spending a dime.

There are many platforms, such as Blogspot, WordPress(blog), etc. that offer free options for beginners.

They have everything ready for you to start writing and posting.

However, their paid version is the bomb.

You will be equipped with lots of options to design and maintain your blog as you want.

But investing some money will offer the chance to customize your domain name to something smart, catchy, and sexy.

So, if you don’t have a blog yet, you can take these simple steps to start one.

This is not going to be in-depth because we’re here to share how to monetize your blog.

But, these steps are what you should follow when starting your blog.

1. Choose your niche/topic

If you’ve decided to start a blog, the first decision awaiting you is to decide on the niche to explore.

You must know what’s your focus in that blog will be.

Many people will usually tell us, “Can’t I write about everything?” “I am good at a lot of topics, and I can use my blog to share my knowledge.” Yeah!

That’s right, but it’s best to start with the topic you have the most interest and knowledge to be effective.

2. Decide on the platform

There’re many platforms where you can start your blog.

There is,, Wix, etc.

You have to decide on one of them and create your account.

All it takes is to visit the site and create an account following the prompts.

3. Choose a domain name

What are you going to name your blog?

There has to be a, etc.

You have to decide whether to use your name as most people do or create a name with your initials or choose a catchy name that’ll give your readers a hint of what your blog is offering.

The next decision is to buy or use the free version to add either or to your name.

But we recommend that you get a custom domain name that will end smartly.

4. Customize your site

How do you want your blog to appear?

There’re lots of WordPress themes you can use to give a unique feel to your blog.

If you start your blog on, you will use the customizer to choose a design, color scheme, font, upload header image, create a menu, and every other design you want to do.

The best part is that you can adjust the design as you go.

5. Create a killer content

There are many bloggers out there already.

The niche you choose or the topic you’re interested in already has many people writing about it.

So, what’s going to separate your blog from the rest out there?

Your unique and informative content.

Once you’ve customized your domain name and designed your site, start writing and posting your content.

6. Promote your content

If you don’t put your contents out there, no one will visit your site to read it.

Therefore, after writing and publicizing your content, leverage the far-reaching capability of the social media platforms to advertise it.

You need many readers to come visiting and spending time on your site.

You can share on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and start amassing lots of traffic back to your site.

That way, you’ll be ready for the next step, which is to monetize the blog.

How to generate revenue from a blog?

If you’re still wondering how to generate revenue from a blog, you don’t need to.

There are many ways to use your blog to earn a living.

All it takes is to monetize the blog and make money.

However, many people often ask us when is the right time to start earning money from a blog.

The truth is that there’s no specific time or amount of traffic or email list to acquire before you can do it.

It depends on your strategy and your product.

The questions determine your earnings are; what are you selling on your blog, and how are you selling?

Once you have a product that your readers need, it will be easy to earn as much as you want if you present it as a solution to their needs.

But there are two things you must achieve before monetizing the blog.

The first one is to get consistent traffic to your site.

It doesn’t have to be hundreds of thousands, but you need to get at least one thousand visitors every month.

The second milestone is to build your email list.

The list doesn’t have to grow to the skies.

You need to have a good number of people on your list to facilitate your earning efforts.

Once you’ve achieved these milestones, the next thing is to select the best amongst the blog monetization methods we have here.

Remember, the method must align with the objectives you want to achieve with your blog in the long run.

So, let’s look at the blog monetization methods that bloggers are using to make money online.

Blog monetization methods:

1. Enable Ads

We know you may be saying,

“is it easy to enable ads on my blog and earn money?”


It is very easy, and we will show you.

People often frown at display ads as a method of blog monetization.

We can’t blame them because it doesn’t generate much money online unless your traffic is very large.

But it is one of the ways to monetize blogs, whether you have many visitors or not.

Display ads monetization strategy is one of the fastest methods you can use to make money on your blog.

Forget the bad press but focus on the ease at which you implement it.

Today, many popular bloggers will tell you that they started with display ads before moving to other bigger fishes.

You can’t argue that making those first dollars with your blog goes a long way to motivate you.

With display ads, you’ll be sure that you’re not wasting your time and efforts running your blog.

You will be surprised to learn that many people continued blogging because display ads paid them some few hundred dollars every month.

We know that other methods may be highly profitable.

But who will stop you from combining two or three strategies?

Once you learn how to choose the niche where this method work, learn how to place the ads, and generate steady traffic, you’re on a roll.

Let’s say that you built your blog on the WordPress platform; you can use the “Ad Inserter” to place your ads correctly.

You can also decide on the spots where you want your ads to be and run an A/B test to check their performance.

One good thing about display ads is that you don’t have to create a product to sell to your audience.

All you need is to generate enough traffic to boost your earnings.

The downside to Pay-Pay-Click ads is the ad blocker software that prevents adverts from showing on a website.

Many people use it to keep the ads at bay while they navigate a blog.

The good news is that companies are still making sales through the display ads campaign.

So, you can still make good money from them, especially if your traffic is large.

2. Engage in affiliate marketing

This is the first choice of many bloggers.

If you ask any blogger who has been marketing through affiliate links, they’ll tell you that it is easy for them.

Also, they’ll let you know that it helped them to make a lot of money online.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is all about, let’s make it clear.


Affiliate marketing is a money-making strategy that allows you to promote products for different brands to earn a commission.

It doesn’t end with promoting the product.

Once you add the affiliate links to your content and your reader buys the product through you, there’s a percentage of the sales that come to you.

Many big brands in different industries encourage bloggers to join their affiliate program.

Companies such as Amazon, WordPress, eBay, Blogger, etc. have been paying bloggers for many years.

The interesting part is that it doesn’t matter when you join the program.

Once they make a sale through your affiliate link, your commissions will start to count.

However, the percentage of commissions are usually different.

Some brands offer as low as 4% while others go as high as 20%.

It depends on the product you’re promoting and the brand that owns it.

When it comes to physical products, the commission may be lower, but their commissions can hit the roof for digital products.

The good news is that the companies are the ones paying you and not the buyers.

Your work lies in writing about the product in a way that your readers will see the benefits.

Then you add the affiliate link that will redirect them to the owner’s website.

Once they successfully buy it, your commission is on record.

Before you decide to monetize a blog through affiliate marketing, you have to make two important decisions.

  1. Decide on the affiliate products you will promote
  2. Decide on how to promote the products.

Many people often ask us how to know the products to promote.

The answer is simple.

Check on the website of the company and look for a mention of the affiliate program.

You can check on the main menu or go to the footer.

You can also find good answers on Google about companies in your niche that have affiliate programs.

But bear the following things in mind.

You need to promote a product/products you can vouch for any day.

We’re not saying that you need to use all the products before you promote them.

There’re many sites where users share their experiences with every product they buy.

If you want to learn everything about the product/products, visit the consumer’s review site.

Through our research and experience.

Some of the brands that blogger promote for good commission are:

  • Bluehost
  • Amazon Associates
  • HubSpot
  • CreativeLive
  • Shopify
  • Udemy
  • And lots of other sites.

Another important thing is that you need to present and promote only the products that will be of immense benefit to your audience.

There’s no need to promote educational material when your site is all about business.

That’s an instance, but I believe you got my point.

So, know what your audience needs and show it to them.

Then tell them why they need it.

But remember, be very careful of what you promote.

If you offer a fake product, the effect will be devastating.

Many bloggers have made the mistake of concentrating more on the product than on their readers.

What do we mean?

No matter the brand you’re promoting, please put your readers’ needs first before the brand.

This is also applicable to when you want to monetize a blog using classic ads.

If you want your readers to trust you and what you present to them, work for them and not the advertisers.

So, if you want to make it big with affiliate marketing, do a lot of research.

Offer amazing content that integrates everything they need to succeed in your niche of specialization.

Once they trust you, present some good products that will boost their success in teaching or sharing.

3. Coaching

Here is another amazing way to monetize your WordPress (blog) or any other online.

With this method, you don’t need to amass a large amount of traffic, although it increases your student’s pool.

All it requires is to have some motivated clients, and you’re all set to go.

What does coaching entail?

It means giving your customers or clients direct access to what you know.

That your area of expertise that other people need is what you’ll be selling through your coaching program.

For instance, you can decide to coach people on how to start their blog or website, depending on what you know.

No one cares to know how long you’ve been in the industry or if your blog has all the world’s traffic.

Once you know your topic, someone out there is ready to learn it.

Why do people need coaches in all fields of life?

Coaches are people who’ll help their clients to mitigate every challenge that comes their way.

You may not be a know-it-all, but you will help them grow from where they are to where they can be.

That’s why you hear things such as “Life coach,” “Business coach,” “Football coach,” etc. if coaches are not important, people won’t be struggling to get the best.

Everybody needs someone to guide him/her through an area of interest.

That’s why you need to leverage the need of your readers to start your coaching services.

You don’t need to search for clients when you have people already reading your content, asking questions, and expressing their need to succeed.

Create the awareness right there on your blog.

You already have a good market.

Start with them and then progress to other social media outlets to expand your reach.

Why is coaching important?

The number one reason to become a coach is to help people in your area of specialization be the best they can be.

But check some more reason why people and even companies need coaches in their operations:

  1. Coaching increases returns on investments.
  2. It improves teamwork and job satisfaction
  3. Coaching improves the quality of work delivered
  4. It improves productivity
  5. The coaching business is highly lucrative

This is to tell you that there are lots of benefits to offering a coaching service to your audience.

It’s going to improve their experience and enhance their performance.

How to monetize your blog through coaching?

It all starts with informative content about the subject matter.

Once you write what your audience needs about their niche, they’ll ask for more.

Always try to write content on areas that relate directly to what services you’re offering.

Let’s say you want to coach people on how to publish their books on amazon kindle.

You can cover such areas as:

  1. How to research for a profitable topic to write
  2. Leveraging freelance writers to create the contents faster
  3. Deciding on the pen name to use
  4. Designing an affordable book cover
  5. Formatting books for Amazon kindle
  6. Setting up their account on Amazon
  7. Launching a book for the first time on Amazon
  8. Easy ways of getting legal reviews about the book
  9. Publishing a paperback & audiobook version without spending

When you devote your time to creating content on these topics, your audience will know that you know what you’re doing.

So your first target is to show an unbeatable mastery in the topic you want to share with your audience.

That way, they’ll be interested in asking for a coaching session.

You don’t need to learn from other coaches to be a coach.

Give your audience the reason to come to you at the expense of all other coaches.

Your key weapon is your daily content dealing with all subject matters surrounding your niche; then, you’ll garner your audience’s trust.

But bear this in mind, anyone who registers for a coaching service needs it to improve their business or life and make good money.

So, give them the best you can.

Another important thing, don’t see coaching as a simple business without sacrifices.

You need to be determined to offer the best in whatever niche you explore.

Don’t dish out half-baked truths or methods that will not benefit your audience.

If you do, be ready to get bad reviews, and that’s very bad for business.

So, think and act like an entrepreneur if you want to monetize blogs through coaching.

4. Sell Books on Amazon Kindle

Yeah, I know, it’s not easy to write the books in the first place.

But this is another amazing way of monetizing your WordPress blog anytime.

You can be an Amazon Kindle publisher and leverage their already-garnered popularity to reach millions of buyers.

Many people already trust that site.

They believe that books published on that platform must have passed their credibility test already.

So, what are you waiting for already?

It’s time to monetize your blog and make money through Kindle.

But is it easy and simple?

Not that easy. Sorry, you still need some work for it to fly.

Let’s see what you need to do.

The first secret is consistency and efforts-lots of efforts.

You need to publish your books regularly.

If you put many high-quality e-books on Amazon Kindle, you’re going to make a reasonable income through that platform.

For instance, if you sell 500 copies of your books priced at $4 every month, you’re going to make $2000 every month.

You can’t fault that kind of income.

But it all depends on the quality of your book.

What do we mean by quality? Information, unique, problem-solving capacity, novel, proven, and other things make a book impressive.

If you knock up a block of texts on something many writers have already offered solutions to, how will it be unique?

That’s what many people often do, and they come back to complain that the strategy didn’t work.

People need actionable solutions and not repetitions and half-baked sugges

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

With that mindset, you can make a lot through Amazon Kindle.

Okay, enough with the hype.

How does your blog come into the picture?

How to monetize your blog through kindle books?

Your blog is where you’ll advertise your books without paying a cent on promotions.

It’s through that you’re selling your books on Amazon Kindle, but your blog will contain your titles and also the link to your book store on Kindle.

Your blog also serves as a place where you can generate the sought-after honest reviews on Kindle books.

If you want to get lots of reviews about your books, you can give your audience free copies.

After reading, they’ll head over to Amazon and write good reviews about your books.

That alone will boost the rankings and sales of your books.

Already, you have shown your readers that you’ve mastered your niche very well.

They may have learned and implemented a lot of information you shared and recorded good experiences.

Once you release a book on your expertise, they’ll surely consume it eagerly.

So, your blog is your free platform to launch and make sales on your kindle books.

Now one secret to writing your books is that you don’t have to write the books yourself.

There’re lots of freelance writers who are out there looking for your patronage.

Once you hire a good one and outsource the writing part, you’ll get it done faster than when you’re doing it.

It’s true that they may not tell your story the way you envisage.

But you know what?

Once they’ve gathered the information and written it in one document, you can edit as you want.

After editing and proofreading as you want, you can design a cover yourself or outsource it to other professional designers.

Designing a book cover won’t cost more than $25.

Once you’ve launched the book on Kindle store, promote it through your blog, and make money regularly.

5. Become a freelancer

Do you that most people who own blogs don’t even have the time to write the contents themselves?

Surprise! Surprise! and Surprise!

That’s right!

They create the blog and search for other bloggers who will sit down and write the content.


Don’t blame them.

Many people started a blog as a part of their retirement plan.

They may still be working seriously at their 8 to 5 jobs, but their blog is running on the internet.

You may call it anything, but we call it smart and foresight.

If people like them don’t exist, this 5th blog monetization strategy won’t be here.

So, how do you come in?

You can be their writer and make money every day writing content for them.

Some may even go as far as paying you to publish the articles for them on their sites.

So, now that you’re out to make money through your blog, it’s time to advertise your skills on your blog.

You can create a page titled “Work with Me.”

Some people who read your content and wants such writing style on their blogs will reach out to hire you.

If you create very good content, a reader might just ask you to be writing for his blog as well.

Freelance writing is one lucrative monetization strategy you can implement easily.

People can hire you to write their landing pages, emails, or topics, especially in your niche.

If you’re ready to work hard, you can make a sizeable amount of money from clients who hire you through your blog.

It’s that simple!

Another skill you can utilize through your blog is graphic design.

Some bloggers are good with it, and if you’re one of them, you can still advertise it on your blog.

The truth is that any service you can render to someone as a freelancer is worth advertising on your blog.

You may be surprised at how much you can make by trying it out today.

We won’t tell you that you can just say it, and your audience will rush to you.

The truth is that if you already have many visitors who trust what you do, they’ll also try out your services.

Someone may even reach out to you for SEO services on his/her blog.

They can ask you to change the layout and design of their blogs based on what they see n your blog.

If you have the skills already advertised, you’ll make good money from it.

6. Monetize your blog through online courses

Creating and selling online courses is another great method of monetizing a blog.

The truth is that your visitors needn’t be up to 10,000 per day before you can create it and start selling.

Once you start recording visitors who need one skill or the other, dive in and provide the solution.

Don’t be scared that you may not create the best course for them.

It’s your first time, and you can’t do everything perfectly.

But as you continue to create more courses, you can become a pro in no time at all.

People rush to buy courses online because these courses are usually organized, address one particular issue, and offer actionable solutions.

People already know that your blogs are informative, but to them, your course will have more in-depth information about the subject matter.

This, of course, is true.

Online courses offer better value than blog posts.

You should start putting it together for your audience as soon as possible.

Are you wondering why they will buy the course?

Don’t bother; your audience already respects you due to the continued efforts you’ve made in solving their challenges.

They see you as an expert in your field, and that’s how they’re going to see the course as well.

We want to point out that as online courses become more popular, the market keeps evolving every day.

There are many sites already where people visit to buy some courses.

Sites such as Course Merchant, Udemy, Teachable, are all there, and marketers are always singing their praises to the heavens.

However, your blog and your visitors are yours to utilize.

Moreover, you can also use third-party sites to get more students.

All you need to do is to use the online course plugin for WordPress and create your course.

Such premium plugins include Woothemes Sensei, Zippy Courses, WP CourseWare, CoursePress, and many others.

So, stop hesitating and start it today.

7. Sell Physical and digital products on your blog

Do you know that you can sell just about anything through your blog?

Your audience is people who have many needs, and they all buy one thing or the other online.

If you find a physical product that will benefit them a lot, you can offer it through your blog and make lots of sales.

Many people who own an e-commerce website started selling through their blogs.

If, for instance, you write about swimming, you can sell unique swimming gear to your readers and make good money through it.

But the journey to using this monetization method is to get a large audience.

If these people love and respect you, they’ll buy the products from you.

We are not talking about affiliate marketing here.

You are the marketer, not Amazon or eBay.

You’ll display the products on your pages, and once they place orders for it, you’ll sell it to them.

The good news is that the product supplier will be the one to ship the products to the buyers.

You will follow the dropshipping model to make the process easy.

You’re not going to need to hold inventory or worry about storage space.

Your supplier will do all that.

Apart from physical products, you can also sell digital products.

These may come in the form of digital downloads or software which your audience needs to boost their work.

You can offer many digital products, such as landing page templates, WordPress plugins, or software.

If you have the skills, create them yourself and sell to your audience.

8. Sponsored Content

If you’ve opened a blog and read where “sponsored post” is written at the top section, that’s what we’re talking about.

The process is simple.

A brand will pay you to write an article about them or write one topic related to them.

Then in that article, you’ll feature their services or products as go-to products or services for interested readers.

This relationship is a surefire way of making money through your blog without stress.

The only requirement is to write the content and direct your audience to the company.

To gain more from sponsored content, you have to do it well.

Don’t oversell the service or product to your audience.

You have to write unique and genuine content with a subtle call-to-action, or you can even ignore that.

Focus on the value that your audience will gain from it and forget the rest.

Remember, your audience trust you should never jeopardize that.

If they feel that you’re merely there to sell your sponsored post, they may distrust the whole set up.

So, think about how you can give them the best information and allow them to decide.

Many people ask, “how do we get sponsored posts” It’s sometimes about your traffic, and other times, it’s about your strategy.

When your traffic is large, companies will send requests for sponsored posts in your inbox.

But when you’ve not gotten to that level yet, you can reach out to them yourself.

Don’t worry, nothing difficult!

All you need to do is make a list of your favorite products, go to the brand’s websites, and search for their PR or marketing personnel’s email.

You can use tools like Voila Norbet or Hunter to get the email.

Once you do, sell your offer to emphasize the value you will bring to them for partnering with you.

9. Podcast Sponsorships

This is one of the low-stress methods of monetizing your blog.

Moreover, the process is simpler than writing long posts.

Let’s say that you want to start as soon as possible and don’t know-how; you can just start with your blog posts.

You already wrote and published those long contents, right?

Now you can break them down into smaller podcast episodes.

Once you start your podcast journey, your audience will grow.

However, it’s not going to happen with a wave of a magic wand.

You need to make your show very entertaining by discussing interesting topics that will captivate your audience.

Then, when you’re well-versed in it, invite some exiting guests to liven up the show.

Don’t forget to reach out to other people who can feature you in their podcasts too.

That way, you’re going to grow more than you thought possible.

10. Virtual Summit

Here is one method you can execute without first amassing 10,000 visits per day.

Yes, you can do it no matter the number of people who visit your blog.

As a blogger who is working hard to get a far reach, credibility, and engagement, a virtual summit will help you.

You can use it to connect with influencers and build lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships.

With your summit, you can get more subscribers and make more money.

However, before you host a virtual summit, we recommend conducting the A/B testing research for landing page performance.

Then, make sure that your topic is inspiring.

You don’t want to bore people with a boring and useless topic without value.

Finally, be sure that there is a product which you can sell to your audience too.

Don’t worry about the outcome of your virtual summit before you organize one.

If you already have your loyal readers who trust your inputs, it’s going to be a blast.

Blogger monetization requirements

If you’ve been struggling to get approval for your AdSense account, you don’t have to worry again.

Many bloggers have been asking us what they’re doing wrong about the approval process.

Well, there’s nothing too complicated about it.

All you need to do is to follow the right process and ensure that you have positioned your blog in the right way.

If you do all that, your AdSense account will be approved.

So, what are the things you need to do?

Please pay attention if you’re blogging on BlogSpot.

  1. Use a custom domain name.
  2. Create pages such as About Us, Contact Us, etc.
  3. Create a professional email address with Google apps.
  4. Use a good BlogSpot design.
  5. Make sure you’ve posted up to 15 -20 killer content.
  6. Avoid copyright images (not from Google please. If you do, delete it).
  7. Present a professional-looking sidebar.

If you get all these processes right, go ahead to apply for your AdSense Account.

The truth is that you need this account to earn more.

So, get it right and enjoy it.

Bottom line

When it comes to making money through your blog, we want you to build your audience.

Apart from achieving many visits every day, you must make sure that your audience trusts you.

The best way to earn their trust is to provide valuable information that will impact their lives or businesses positively.

If you do that, your audience will see you as an authority figure in your niche and believe you.

Once they do, you can implement any monetization method, and it will be a blast.

While implementing these monetization methods, you can try each one, improve on it, and test it.

Once you notice the best method for your audience, push your efforts higher.

It may not be easy to make money at first.

Some bloggers will tell you that it took up to 6 to 12 months before they could make good money.

So, don’t give up when it seems tough.

Keep implementing what we’ve shared here until you achieve the best results.

Good luck!

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