Walmart Teams Up With DAVOS.

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It’s day 370 of the Lockdown. . .
Friday, 19th of March, 2021.

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  • Walmart Teams Up With DAVOS to give Vax & Vax Passport
  • Norwegian Doctor on Why AstraZeneca is Causing Blood Disorders
  • Rand v Fauci: Did he ask the right question?
  • DeSantis defunds Critical Race Theory, Jesuits give MILLIONS for reparations as California “gay pastor” says Jesus was racist

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7:07 Pelosi tries to revive Zombie amendment to Constitution — ERA. Long dead, decades past deadline, even Ruth Bader Ginsberg who loved it said it had to start over again. But this is Pelosi we’re talking about who doesn’t care about law.
12:03 States Begin to Tax Vehicles BY-THE-MILE. It’s NOT about revenue, it’s another way to track you via GeoSpatial Intel.
17:48  Media worries about DIGITAL DICTATORSHIP in Myanmar — but not in Western countries
30:55 Gov DeSantis takes on Critical Race Theory — will NOT fund it.  That’s good, but it’s not sufficient to stop it if Feds fund it.  Is it time to separate EDUCATION & STATE?
44:22 Bill proposed that would ban Christians from being police
52:30 Drag Queen Judge Busted for Child Porn
1:06:11 The Italian Job: A Case of Complete Civil Disobedience
1:15:08 Walmart Partners with DAVOS: One-Stop Jab & Vaccine Passport
1:36:30 COMING SOON: Full ID & Vax Passport to Shop (but NOT to vote). What if they required this kind of ID to vote like they are about to require to shop?
1:53:37 Recall Standards for ICE CREAM are Higher Than AstraZeneca Jab
2:29:47 Leaked Docs Show Only About HALF of Pfizer Jabs Arrive Intact. What are the implications of not keeping mRNA injections at extreme low temperatures? Do they become toxic or placebos? European and American regulatory agencies don’t care
2:13:34 CNN, Like FOX, Tries to Push Jab to Trump Voters.  Earlier this week Mark Levin did the same thing CNN just tried.  Fortunately these Trump voters dismiss Trump as a “New York liberal”.  EXACTLY RIGHT
2:38:02 Study says CBD stops COVID and other replication in lungs and fight cytokine storm
2:44:43 Rand Paul v Fauci: Why should vaccinated wear masks?  But Rand doesn’t ask the really important questions

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Friday March 19th, 2021

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