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Processed food industry sets people up for depopulation KILL SHOTS.
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Mike Adams.
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– Processed food keeps people sick and diseased, easy prey for jabs.
– Rampant vitamin D deficiency IGNORED by medical science establishment.
– Scientific American won’t tell BLACK women about vitamin D.
– WHO head Tedros clearly says nations are using vaccines to KILL children.
– Andrew Tate arrested in relation to rape, trafficking operation in Romania.
– Don’t cross little miss Bossy Pants or she will have you SWATTED.
– Europeans totally unprepared for blackouts, warns Austria minister.
– A blessing we made it through Christmas Day without more power grid sabotage.
– Transportation nightmare worsens: Pete Buttigieg being GAY doesn’t seem to solve airline problems.
– Australian vaccine pusher Dr. Chin dies suddenly at age 34, after injecting CHILDREN.
– The overblown Consumer Reports findings of lead in chocolate bars – why it’s misleading.
– Insanity of vaccinated people buying organic at Whole Foods, as if they care about having clean blood.
– If you take mRNA injections, you might as well just eat at McDonalds, too.
– Full interview with Jamie Walden, author of Omega Dynamics.
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Health Ranger Conversations
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“Jamie Walden and Mike Adams talk Christian faith and the Luciferian INSURRECTION against God”.
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