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Hot fusion breakthrough only “allowed” because of COLD FUSION revolution now under way.
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– The real reason why HOT fusion breakthroughs are now allowed to be announced.
– COLD fusion (LENR) is about to explode with investment and product offerings.
– While cold fusion is DECENTRALIZED power, hot fusion is centralized and controlled.
– Hot fusion requires users to be connected to the grid, where they can be monitored.
– Cold fusion (LENR) will allow anyone to live entirely off grid and to recharge electric vehicles.
– “Hybrid homes” will use a combination of LENR generators and high-efficiency batteries.
– Both cold and hot fusion will result in cheaper energy, meaning cheaper FOOD.
– Cheaper food means another population explosion.
– This is why globalists are pushing rapid depopulation NOW, before energy and food get cheaper.
– Copper prices set to skyrocket due to scarcity.
– Electricity prices soar in the UK as cold weather arrives.
– Update on FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, who was denied bail.
– Binance withdrawals reach $3 billion in one day.
– SBF charged with SEC violations and sued by CFTC.
– SBF will likely be “suicided” by Feb. 7th to cover up Dem slush fund secrets.
– SBF was arrested right before he could testify and expose the Dems for election finance fraud.
– America has lost nearly an entire generation of young men to the crypto tulip bulb mania bubble.
– Crypto is going through a DETOX phase to clean out the scammers and fraudsters.
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