Situation Update & Conversations ~ 12/02.

Kanye goes there, tells the world to look on the Bright side of Hitler.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 We Hate Hitler
6:15 Other News
7:32 Skills Acquisition
36:30 Vaccines
1:10:40 News Headlines
– Kanye (Ye) celebrates Hitler multiple times during live broadcast.
– Alex Jones does amazing job trying to prevent Kanye from committing reputation suicide.
– US senators say they won’t vote for military funding unless vax mandates are halted.
– My experience with high-end military dog training / combat animals.
– We ran multiple scenarios: Car jacking, home invasion, street attacks.
– TipTopK9 is the dog training company, they have franchises across many U.S. cities.
– Apple conspires with CCP to suppress the slave uprising in China, #BoycottApple.
– The COVID Blog reveals a deceptive, misleading video clip in “Died Suddenly” film.
– Ba’Al Busters reveals (roughly) 4 minutes of Dr. Bryan Ardis interview on clots MEMORY HOLED.
– Why freedom of speech means we must tolerate the speech of those with whom we disagree.
– Why I don’t censor people who criticize or disagree.
– My praise for the new film “Spirited” with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.
– A positive message for humanity in a time of incredible strife and division.
“Situation” Update, Reports
[Duration  1:31:01] “Mike Adams is helping to
create a better world.”
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Health Ranger Conversations
[Duration  51:41] “Clay Clark and Mike Adams talk DOG OBEDIENCE training and insane globalists pushing transhumanism”.
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[Duration  26:51] “Ivan Raiklin reveals House Speaker strategy for freeing J6 political prisoners”.
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[Duration  58:28] “Mouse Apocalypse Study Is Key To Understanding The NWO Master Plan.
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