Situation Update & Conversations ~ 11/30.

Why the masses will BEG to be placed in FEMA camps.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
3:07 Obedient Sheeple
20:12 Skills Acquisition
29:22 FEMA Capms
37:16 Famine Survival History with Yon
49:44 Scott-Lively
– Today’s update is a combination of four special reports + interview.
– Your SLAVERS will present themselves as your SAVIORS.
– Problem-reaction-solution being set up via food scarcity and famine.
– The oblivious masses will BEG for FEMA camps to “save” them.
– Those who begged for vaccines will also beg for digital currencies.
– They INVITE enslavement followed by extermination.
– You cannot help these oblivious masses, and they will eliminate themselves.
– We are at a PIVOT POINT for human civilization, a great die-off has begun.
– Good news: Famine is survivable if you have local food know-how.
– Critical skills acquisition in preparation for the accelerating collapse.
– Interview with Dr. Scott Lively on the LGBTQ culture wars against humanity.
“Situation” Update, Reports
[Duration  2:00:25] “Mike Adams is helping to
create a better world.”
Unfiltered, & Uncensored.
Health Ranger Conversations
[Duration  1:10:26] Dr. Scott Lively warns how LGBTQ indoctrination leads to collapse of human civilization.
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