Situation Update & Conversations ~ 11/28.

The Calhoun “mouse utopia” experiment foretold humanity’s self-annihilation.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
2:00 Mouse Utopia
10:10 Mass Dumbing Down
1:10:56 Jay Dyer
– Infamous “mouse utopia” experiments showed how a population destroys itself.
– Abundant food and resources led to infanticide and a collapse of civility.
– Some groups focused entirely on eating, self-grooming and sleeping.
– Modern human society is following the same path of collapse and extermination.
– Social media and tech platforms are amplifying the WORST traits of humanity.
– There will be no civility as long as there are proxy communications platforms.
– Mass mental illness is now the norm.
– It’s all worsened by deliberate food poisoning. (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals)
– Infiltration in the health “truth” movement appears to be coming from globalists and RINOs.
– An effort is under way to cause a civil war in the movement.
– Trump supporters are especially targeted to be marginalized and replaced.
– How to identify infiltrators and posers who are actually intelligence assets.
– Follow the money to learn the truth.
“Situation” Update, Reports
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Health Ranger Conversations
[Duration  39:57] Jay Dyer and Mike Adams discuss the global human resistance movement against obedience and tyranny.
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