Situation Update & Conversations ~ 11/21.

Food credits given for taking depopulation jabs as White House targets the poorest Americans.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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– White House pushes $20 food credit for those who take the depopulation jab.
– Program leverages INFLATION to achieve DEPOPULATION among the poor.
– As food prices soar, more people may seek death jabs to avoid starvation.
– #Trump reinstated on #Twitter while lunatic leftists lose their minds.
– #1 killer of LGBTQ in America is the covid jab, not mass shootings.
– LGBTQ are insanely COMPLIANT with the jab, nearly 100% took it.
– mRNA injections DESTROY the immune system, leaving the promiscuous vulnerable.
– Anti-vaccine blood banks being created to provide CLEAN blood transfusions.
– 116,000 Americans are DEAD because of a lack of vitamin D during covid pandemic.
– Big Tech’s CENSORSHIP of natural medicine champions caused untold DEATH and suffering.
– Big Tech is complicit in the depopulation agenda.
– #FDA now claims they never ordered anyone to avoid taking ivermectin.
– FDA says their words are just “suggestions” and don’t actually mean anything.
– #Tether is about to implode, say analysts; cryptocurrency in deep, deep trouble.
– 25% of Americans face risk of POWER BLACKOUTS this winter.
– “Mirror-like objects” found in ground beef sold at grocery stores.
– Food crooks caught repackaging rotten TUNA as fresh meat.
– Massive shoplifting at TARGET stores causes $600 million loss.
– “Meat guards” being deployed at grocery stores as meat thefts rise.
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