Situation Update & Conversations ~ 11/11.

Crypto carnage and the coming corporate GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITORS.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Elections
8:30 KFC vs Nazi
25:03 Petrodollar Collapse
34:35 FTX
55:35 Dr. Eric Nepute
Unfiltered, & Uncensored.
– Corrupt Democrats are dragging out the Arizona vote as long as possible.
– Makes a mockery of the supposed benefits of using MACHINES in the first place.
– US elections now WORSE than Third World tin pot dictator elections.
– NO ONE believes the “official” results.
– 12 more nations just joined BRICS+ initiative, spelling end of Petrodollar.
– KFC commemorates Nazi slaughter of Jews with fried chicken phone texts.
– Canadian vaccine tyrant collapses and face plants during live hearing.
– FTX crypto con artist (and mega Dem donor) pilfered billions in customer deposits.
– SEC just handed the perfect case to demand total regulation of all crypto.
– FTX fallout will spill into other exchanges, and MORE will fail.
– New streaming partnerships on Brighteon.TV will bring you powerful content for free.
– Interview with Dr. Eric Nepute.
Today’s Update [Duration  1:36:13]
Dr. Eric Nepute needs our HELP [Duration 40:24]
“Situation” Update, ReportsMike Adams is helping to
create a better world.
Health Ranger Conversations“Dr. Eric Nepute needs our HELP to FIGHT against covid medical tyranny”
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