November 2 ~ Situation Update.

The transhumanism demonic AI takeover of humanity is ABOUT TO FAIL.
– Democrats are begging for covid AMNESTY because they got caught.

– But they have NO remorse, and they aren’t sorry. They are EVIL.

– Dems need to offer nationwide APOLOGY for covid tyranny, censorship and lies.

– Those who were FIRED need to be reinstated with back pay.

– All assets of vax pharma executives should be SEIZED.

– Funds should be used to pay families of VACCINE VICTIMS.

– We donate nearly $14K to California attorneys suing hospitals for covid murder.

– Why God rewards those who pay it forward and don’t hoard money for themselves.

– Eurozone inflation soars beyond 10% as Europe faces winter of collapse.

– Nearly 40% of small businesses in USA can’t pay rent.

– The US economy has been WRECKED by Biden and the Dems.

– Important thoughts about FORGIVENESS – but only after apologies are given.

– Which items still work after an EMP attack.

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The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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