November 1 ~ Situation Update.

The transhumanism demonic AI takeover of humanity is ABOUT TO FAIL.
– The transhumanism push is an agenda to annihilate humanity.

– Vax injections are just one of many vectors for attempted extermination.

– We have passed the false flag window for globalists to try to stop the election.

– Next window is AFTER the election; they will try to cause world war before January.

– Liz Truss iPhone HACKED by Russian-linked hackers.

– Truss text to Blinken CONFIRMS collusion to destroy Nord Stream.

– Dems demand AMNESTY for murderous covid propagandists.

– Same dems refuse to APOLOGIZE for ruining people’s lives with lockdowns, vaccines.

– Mass uprisings now under way across Europe: France, Belgium, Hungary, Germany.

– Interview with Todd Callender about the “Borgification” of humanity.

The Podcast [Duration  2:00:00]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Elections
20:55 Breaking Big Story
44:00 Todd Callender
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