October 25 ~ Situation Update.

CONSUMER ALERT: NuManna exposed for FRAUDULENT organic storable food marketing claims.
– The NuManna company falsified heavy metals testing claims on their product.

– Fraudulently claimed Natural News was testing products for pesticides and metals.

– In truth, NO samples were sent for testing since early 2017.

– NuManna was fully aware of their deception and they did it deliberately.

– NuManna refused to remove Natural News / Health Ranger testing logos and endorsements.

– NuManna accused by multiple distributors of failing to pay owed affiliate fees.

– NuManna violated agreements and has failed to pay owed royalties.

– NuManna’s false claims and deceptive marketing practices may be CRIMINAL violations.

– NuManna hides behind the shield of being “Christian”.

– Is NuManna’s organic CCOF certification claim even real?

– Health Ranger preparing to file evidence with FTC, DOJ and AG of Missouri.

– Customers encouraged to demand refunds from NuManna.

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