October 19 ~ Situation Update.

8 CRITICAL PREDICTIONS for today through 2023.
– Another pathogen release is coming in 2022, with emergency lockdowns.

– Huge layoffs will happen in 2023 across the U.S. tech sector.

– US semiconductor companies getting hit hard by Biden’s economic order targeting China.

– Barge river traffic problem in the USA won’t be solved in 2023.

– There isn’t enough rail capacity to take over from the barges.

– FOOD WILL ROT on the farms across the USA, with no means of transportation.

– GPS signals jammed / blinded in Texas – is it China’s test run?

– Russia takes out NATO / Ukraine satellite comms station, blinding Ukraine.

– NIAID director admits Boston University bioweapons research was NOT authorized.

– Gain-of-Function bioweapon may be “accidentally” released in Boston.

– EcoHealth Alliance bragged about huge grant funding to work with Boston University.

– More signs point to imminent attack by Russia.

– 2023 food scarcity will get FAR worse than what anyone saw in 2022.

– Interview with Pastor Todd Coconato.

The Podcast [Duration  1:53:08]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
8:33 GPS
12:03 Russia
19:30 BIG News
47:30 Pastor Todd Coconato
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