October 17 ~ Situation Update

Russian 2nd wave ATTACK on Ukraine just days away as China readies economic RETALIATION against America.
– Russian 2nd wave attack on Ukraine / Kiev seems imminent.

– Russia is moving Mig-31 fighters to Belarus, capable of hypersonic missiles.

– Biden signing order to annihilate China’s semiconductor industry virtually overnight.

– China will be forced to retaliate, much like Japan in WWII

– China orders all its citizens to urgently evacuate Ukraine.

– A multitude of other countries are also ordering citizens to evacuate.

– Florida OB/GYN sounds alarm over 50% increase in infertility and miscarriages.

– Bodybuilder fails vaccine challenge by DYING after getting vaxxed.

– Global collapse of animal populations under way: 70% drop in 50 years.

– Geoengineering is collapsing the biosphere that supports life.

– Massive human POLLUTION is making rivers and oceans a toxic stew.

– Globalists want 7 billion humans dead by any means: Vaccines, nuclear war, collapse.

– Dutch government to seize 600 farms at gunpoint to collapse European food.

– Energy collapse of Europe makes it impossible to manufacture “green” energy hardware.

– Interview with Aaron Brickman on market cycles and the Fourth Turning.

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The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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6:22 World War
27:10 Environmental Damage
42:00 Energy Crisis
49:49 Aaron Brickman
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