October 13 ~ Situation Update

Food inflation hits 40%, global VAX fraud unraveling by the day.
– Vegetable prices spike 40% in a year.
– Other foods increase 20%, 30% as inflation goes INSANE.
– Covid lockdown babies show cognitive decline.
– French politician says Macron is NOT vaccinated, all a fraud.
– Jury award in Alex Jones RIGGED trial is a travesty of justice.
– US economy will lose 175,000 jobs A MONTH in 2023 and beyond.
– Biden to DESTROY US industrial base by banning aluminum from Russia.
– #Silver coins about to be completely WIPED OUT of all inventory.
– Russia issues civil defense warning to prepare for radiological events.
– Entire UK medical system on verge of collapse as doctors FLEE.
– “Queerfest” Halloween drag event pushed on children, sponsored by gender surgery clinic.
– Moderna claims new mRNA injection will REPAIR your damaged heart.
– Interview with Paul Preston, founder of New California State movement.
The Podcast [Duration  1:45:57]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Chaos
5:55 VAX fraud
8:08 France
10:05 Alex Jones
18:33 Economic News
27:45 Food Inflation
31:33 Western Medicine
41:52 Paul Preston
1:35:45 Russia
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