Sep. 13 ~ Situation Update

Consumer demand collapses as global economy IMPLODES, factories SHUTTER.
– World governments and corporations are preparing for YEARS of global warfare.
– Toyota shuts down Sienna minivan production.
– Denver handing out free BUGOUT BAGS to residents.
– Ship cargo demand is imploding as consumer demand plummets.
– Electrolux (2nd largest appliance maker in the world) is shutting production lines.
– 58% of German companies may not survive energy inflation / scarcity.
– 60% of UK manufacturers face closure.
– Widespread civil unrest coming to Europe this winter.
Today’s Podcast [Duration  1:36:19]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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3:20 Intel
17:17 Logistics
24:50 Bug Out Bags
37:07 She Blinded Me With Science
39:50 Mikki Willis
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