Sep. 12 ~ Situation Update

Ukraine’s cities go DARK; Russia poised to declare WORLD WAR.
– #Ukraine counteroffensive against Russia gains some ground, but at HUGE cost.
– Attack was led by NATO military forces, NATO equipment and planning.
– #Russia launches missile barrage, taking out power grid infrastructure across Ukraine.
– Ukraine’s second largest city plunged into darkness.
– Russia rumored to be on verge of declaring full-scale WAR.
– This would bring in Russia’s regular military units into the conflict.
– War declaration would likely escalate into corresponding declaration by NATO.
– High risk of escalation into tactical nuclear warheads or artillery being deployed.
– Western European cities would be targeted: London, Paris, Berlin, etc.
– High risk of global FORCE MAJEURE declaration on all debt and financial obligations.
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The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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