Sep. 9 ~ Situation Update

As the Queen dies, so does Luciferian-dominated Western Civilization.
– The death of the Queen is a cosmic indicator of the death of Western Civilization.
– Western civilization is now almost entirely run by satanists and luciferians.
– First the British Empire, and later the American Empire, PILLAGE the world.
– Every institution of luciferian western nations is anti-human, anti-truth, anti-liberty.
– The fall of luciferian Western Civilization is a necessary step for humanity to achieve freedom.
– BILLIONS will die in the next phase of the engineered global collapse.
– Prepping is necessary to survive the global war on humanity and help REBUILD civilization.
– The future for humanity is bright as we rebuild civilization based on morals, reason, family values and honest money.
Today’s Podcast [Duration  1:35:24]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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1:07:43 Bill Holter Interview
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