Sep. 5 ~ Situation Update

Industry and infrastructure collapsing by the day across Europe and the USA.
– Europe’s largest steel producer just shut down due to insane energy prices.
– Last week, aluminum and copper smelters shut down.
– Ammonia product (for fertilizer) has plunged 70% in Europe.
– The European industrial base is being DECIMATED by the day.
– Russia has completely shut off all gas flows via Nord Stream 1 pipeline.
– No steel = NO INDUSTRY, no fertilizer = NO FOOD, no natural gas = NO HEAT.
– Water and power systems are failing or on the verge of failing across the USA.
– The ATF is about to outlaw firearms with “arm braces,” affecting millions of Americans.
– Americans will be ordered to destroy, surrender or register AR-style pistols with braces.
– Interview with Mitchell Nicholas Gerber on China’s horrifying ORGAN HARVESTING.
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