Aug. 29 ~ Situation Update

Deep state wants “blood in the streets of America” by Halloween.
• Highly disturbing new information from deep sources says that #Trump WILL be criminally indicted.
• Democrats are actively working to RIG the midterms and maintain control of the House and Senate to pass a ban on “assault weapons.”
• All owners of “assault weapons” will be required to pay a new registration TAX for each rifle already owned. This will help govt. build national database of gun owners to target.
• If you refuse to register, 87,000 new armed IRS agents will come to your door (as they already have ATF record and FBI background check records) and arrest you for tax evasion. If you resist, they execute you on the spot.
• This is all designed to PROVOKE Americans into an armed uprising.
• DON’T TAKE THE BAIT! Do not resort to violence!.
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2:50 Disturbing Information
36:40 Jonathan Landsman
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