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In trying to defeat America, desperate dems hand VICTORY PATH to Trump.
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Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
1:18 Headlines
21:55 Interview with Ed Dowd
1:00:17 Interview with Susan Swift
– Financial Armageddon approaches as Fed faces impossible choice.
– 3 Congressmen introduce GOLD STANDARD bill to shore up the US dollar.
– JP Morgan controls 53% of the paper markets for gold and silver.
– Walmart to push AUTOMATION (robots replacing humans) across 65% of stores.
– Interview with Ed Dowd about the harsh economic damage caused by covid vaccines.
– Ed’s take on de-dollarization, bank failures, Fed rates and unemployment.
– Why the Fed may be grossly MISCALCULATING regarding inflation and the labor pool.
– Interview with Susan Swift from the Right to Life League on the #ABORTION cartels.
– Why abortion pills are CHEMICAL abortions.
– The truth about aborted babies being spread onto food farms as nitrogen “fertilizer”.
– Americans are quite literally eating food grown on fields laced with dead human babies.
– National CANNIBALISM is an affront to LIFE and God.
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