Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 4th.

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Breaking news with Josh Sigurdson, plus AI chatbot suicide cult WARNING.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
2:20 Interview with Josh Sigurdson
17:30 Headlines
1:01:47 CLIMATE SUICIDE psyop
– Breaking news headlines with Josh Sigurdson.
– An overview of the global attack on humanity.
– The “controlled demolition” of western finance and infrastructure.
– RESTRICT Act an attack on crypto.
– Mexico to join BRICS currency block.
– Japan breaks oil price cap embargo against Russia.
– Los Angeles to empty all jails by releasing violent criminals.
– AI chatbot convinces man to commit SUICIDE to save the planet from climate change.
– AI chatbots can now become cult leaders that lead mass suicides.
– Are AI systems already controlling media narratives?
– AI systems are WOKE and thus believe humanity should be exterminated..
– Media’s climate fear mongering will convince many gullible people to self-terminate.
– Hence the importance of having a sound mind and DISCERNMENT.
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