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Epic COLLISION: WWIII escalation, global de-dollarization, OPEC oil scarcity and RESTRICT Act government tyranny.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
9:10 Comedy
18:30 War
33:26 De-dollarization
43:00 Saudi Arabia
56:07 McDonald’s
1:02:14 AI
59:04 RESTRICT Act
– Bakhmut has fallen to the Russians, and NATO will likely enter the war soon.
– Global de-dollarization accelerates as India, China, Brazil and other nations DITCH the dollar.
– OPEC slashes oil production to achieve economic strangulation of Biden regime.
– Shockwave of oil prices ripple through global markets.
– Huge energy inflation now inevitable, which will raise prices of food and more.
– Russia to hugely benefit from rising oil prices, thanks to the Saudis.
– The entire world is giving Joe Biden the finger.
– A quarter of US soldiers now too FAT to FIGHT.
– AI systems will exterminate humanity with shocking efficiency.
– Pakistan hits 35% MONTHLY food inflation.
– RESTRICT Act an Orwellian nightmare of suppression, censorship and tyranny.
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