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TRANS militants threaten violence; Banks will LIMIT withdrawals.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
4:10 Cultural Engineering
45:39 Interview with Dean Ryan
– Trans militants’ “Day of Vengeance” promotes domestic terrorism.
– Trans militant community rooted in Marxism, communism and satanism.
– AZ governor’s press secretary resigns after calling for shooting of non-trans people.
– Govt regulators BLAME CUSTOMERS for bank liquidity crisis.
– Soon, banks will LIMIT withdrawals, locking your money in the banks.
– Your money is “yours” as long as you never ask for it back.
– Banks are SOLVENT as long as nobody withdraws anything.
– Will the government also outlaw SELLING of stocks?
– Dean Ryan joins the broadcast with jokes and commentary.
– Says that LGB are sick and tired of the T.
– The T are making the LGB look more like crazed lunatics.
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