Situation Update ~ February 21th.

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Urgent call for TOTAL EVACUATION of East Palestine due to DIOXIN FALLOUT.
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Mike Adams.
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0:00 Dioxins Fallout
19:11 Eric Coppolino
1:02:42 Controlled Burn Big Lie
1:24:43 Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD
– Why a total evacuation of East Palestine is critical for public health.
– How #dioxins are formed from the combustion of vinyl chloride and PVC.
– #Dioxin fallout is already under way.
– Every surface for thousands of square miles is now contaminated.
– The food chain will be impacted for CENTURIES.
– The incredibly toxic effects of dioxin exposure: DNA damage, immune suppression, cancer, infertility.
– Full interview with Eric Coppolino, dioxin investigator and journalist.
– Why setting fire to vinyl chloride was an act of ECOLOGICAL #TERRORISM.
– The “controlled burn” BIG LIE being pushed by the media, government and industry.
– Full interview with Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea about blood artifacts in the UNVACCINATED.
“Situation” Update, Podcast [Duration  1:50:01]
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