Situation Update ~ February 20th.

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How to BLOCK toxic chemical exposure FALLOUT in the food, water and air.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 The Revival Concept
15:28 Putin
18:29 Toxic Chemical
1:05:15 Weather Control
– Asbury revival reveals the power of God and truth.
– As the world turns to chaos, more people turn to God.
– What looks like chaos can quickly transform into order and law.
– What a Rubik’s cube taught me about transformation.
– Announcement of #dioxin testing in our food science lab.
– Cincinnati cuts off drinking water from Ohio River.
– Why food and farms for thousands of square miles may be contaminated for decades.
– How to grow your own anti-dioxin protection medicine at home.
– Pipe bomb discovered on railroad in Philadelphia.
– How globalists use false flag terrorism to corral humans into obedient behavior.
– The nuclear power plant scene from The Truman Show.
– George Soros calls for global weather control / #geoengineering to block the sun.
– CDC issues new guidance for #dioxin exposure that’s 1,000 times higher than previous levels.
– Vitamin E counters the oxidative effects of cheap seed and vegetable oils that promote inflammation, obesity and rapid aging.
“Situation” Update, Podcast [Duration  1:16:56]
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