Situation Update & Report ~ 2/06.

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After the EMP.
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Mike Adams.
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0:00 Terminator Dog
21:10 EMP Balloon
33:05 Invasion
58:18 Nuclear Strikes
– China now knows it can detonate multiple EMP weapons over North America.
– EMP weapon could be used to soften up America before China’s land INVASION.
– We are now in a two-front war with two superpowers: #China and #Russia.
– Biden and Pentagon are murdering troops with #vaccines and sending weapons stockpiles to #Ukraine.
– The USA is being left defenseless with almost no weapons or munitions.
– Former top UK military official says UK would run out of ammunition in ONE DAY of fighting Russia.
– America’s culture collapses into a trifecta of cults: The COVID cult, the trans cult and the Luciferian cult.
– Taylor Swift says all Christians should support baby murder. (she is a demon)
– Russia declares the USA is the “anti-Christ civilization”.
– Medvedev warns that America and the West will BURN.
– No more negotiations, just nuclear strikes.
– Western Europe is DONE… ruled by woke idiots and collapsing by the day.
– Possible timing of events: Russia launches first strike, China detonates EMP weapons, then invades.
– America’s cities to be transformed into collapsed wastelands of mass chaos and death.
– Rigged elections have catastrophic consequences.
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