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AI system cloning of human voices reaches creepy new level of achievement… now you can never trust that what you hear is HUMAN.
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– AI cloned my voice from an audio sample, and it sounds convincingly similar.
– Beware of deep fake audio clips because ANYONE’S voice can be easily cloned and faked.
– We now live in the age of fake everything: Fake news, fake science, fake currency and fake voices.
– School lunch lady steals 11,000 cases of chicken wings – quite a feat!
– Massachusetts offers to reduce prison sentences if prisoners give up their ORGANS.
– Russia releases propaganda video to try to recruit U.S. soldiers to fight Ukraine.
– Elon Musk to transform #Twitter into a payment system to compete with PayPal.
– #PayPal cuts 2,000 jobs after deplatforming thousands of conservatives.
– Fed hikes interest rates another 25 basis points.
– US sending long range rocket bomb systems to Ukraine.
– Beware of Ground Launched Itti Bitty Bombs. (GLIBBs)
– Mexico to protect its corn from #GMO exports out of the USA.
– American corn farmers play victim and pretend they forgot how to grow non-GMO corn.
– The REAL reason the USA is fighting in Ukraine: Bioweapons lab cover-up.
– Former UK defense minister demands #NATO ground troops fight Russia.
– Thailand on the verge of declaring #Pfizer contracts NULL AND VOID.
– Biden blocks Minnesota mining potential, signs deal with child labor countries.
– Because going “green” means exploiting children in third world nations.
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“Dr. Andrew Huff on government LIES, Wuhan lab leaks and the true origins of COVID”.
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“Dr. Andrew Huff declares I’m on the Winning side of history when it comes to Wuhan, Covid and vaccines”
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“Dr. Andrew Huff warns about China’s infiltration and TAKEOVER of the U.S. food supply”.
Thanks to a company called Eleven Labs (, it is now possible to clone almost any voice in minutes, then feed that voice a text block that will be pronounced / performed in that AI voice. Remarkably, the Eleven Labs voice synthesis model is so advanced that it “reads” (pronounces) written text in a way that is almost indiscernible from a human performance.
Although there are many rudimentary TTS (Text To Speech) systems available today, most of them suffer from horribly robotic-sounding, monotonous voices that lack the rhythm and tonal flow that characterizes normal human speech. The Eleven Labs system doesn’t merely process one word at a time; it processes blocks of text in a holistic fashion, allowing it to produce pauses, tonal inflections and end-of-sentence pitch changes that make a system sound human. (I am a musician and audio engineer, as you may know, and I’m very sensitive to voice intonation and speech patterns. I can identify most famous celebrities by their voice alone.)
I allowed Eleven Labs to clone my voice
To demonstrate the power and practicality of this new voice system — which has both positive and negative consequences for society, see below — I joined Eleven Labs as a paying customer and uploaded samples of my voice to create an “instant voice” via cloning. Within minutes, I had a usable cloned voice that I could feed text sentences which would be performed as audible speech. The service allows you to download the resulting audio files as mp3.
All this cost me less than $5. And the first month was free. There is essentially zero barrier to entry for anyone wanting to do the same thing.
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