Situation Update & Conversations ~ 1/12.

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MAD WORLD: Gas stove fear porn, honeybee vaccines and obesity INJECTIONS for children.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 MAD World
3:15 GAS Story
33:00 BREAKING News
36:55 Other News
42:25 Other Catastrophes
52:30 Language Police Alert
58:53 Vaccines
1:06:52 Pfizer
1:10:20 Fertilizer Crisis
1:14:20 Egg Shortage
1:19:15 INJECTIONS for Children
1:24:55 Honeybee Vaccines
– Insane leftists now claim cooking with gas stoves might kill you.
– They want to take away FIRE and anything that COMBUSTS. (including engines and firearms)
– Restaurant industry to be devastated by a gas cooking ban – widespread collapse.
– Scientists claim huge solar burst fried planet Earth and caused mass extinction.
– More #Biden classified documents found, why isn’t he being prosecuted?
– Chemical plant goes up in flames in Illinois.
– FAA suffers total system meltdown, grounds ALL commercial flights.
– Canada suffers similar glitch on their air control system.
– #Russia seizes control over Soledar and “underground cities” of salt mines.
– Effort under way in new GOP Congress to abolish the FBI and IRS.
– Rep. Buddy Carter introduces Fair Tax Act to replace IRS with national sales tax.
– Health Ranger Store launches “Mega Buckets” storable organic food product line.
– Univ. of Southern Calif. declares the word “field” to be racist and anti-immigrant.
– Collapse in public demand for mass transit due to rising crime and violence.
– Moderna plans 500% price hike on #covid #vaccines.
– Dr. Paul Offit is mad that he was LIED to by the murderous vaccine industry.
– RFK Jr. sues the Trusted News Initiative for #censorship collusion with big media.
– Project Veritas catches Pfizer scientist admitting likely links to myocarditis in young people.
– University study confirms millions may die from rising fertilizer cost and food scarcity.
– The REAL reason behind the egg shortage.
– AAP pushes surgery and weekly injections of children for OBESITY. (rather than diet and exercise)
– USDA approves vaccine for honeybees… and then they will need “bee boosters” forever.
– Illinois bans so-called “assault weapons” while criminals celebrate.
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“Interview with Doctor Patriot – Deep down the rabbit hole of child trafficking, demonic hybrids and anti-human agendas”.
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